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business commission certificate of honor to sergeant chuck limbert, san francisco police department as part of the san francisco small business commission city employee recognition program. president o'brien: come on up, if i could have the police chief and the captain from mission station. i first would like to recognize san francisco police chief greg suhr and mission station captain bob moser for coming tonight. i really appreciate that. i just got a text from supervisor weiner who is also supposed to be with us this evening, but he is still in his land use committee meeting. before i read this, i was thinking about chuck and why are we doing this. a good example was a couple of weeks ago on the 10:00 news at 10:00, the lead story was pick pockets and how bars and nightclubs are fighting back. and amber lee was in the castro and she was up in north beach and down near union square and with the bars and the nightclubs, they were posting signs have been careful. keep your cell phones in your front pocket, just warning people how to take care of yourself. as i'm watching this and as we're t
this evening, but he is still in his land use committee meeting. before i read this, i was thinking about chuck and why are we doing this. a good example was a couple of weeks ago on the 10:00 news at 10:00, the lead story was pick pockets and how bars and nightclubs are fighting back. and amber lee was in the castro and she was up in north beach and down near union square and with the bars and the nightclubs, they were posting signs have been careful. keep your cell phones in your front pocket, just warning people how to take care of yourself. as i'm watching this and as we're trying to get the story done, it's because of sergeant chuck limbert. he has come to meetings and warning people about this stuff. he is one of the few, first off, i got to thank captain suhr, police chief suhr, sorry, because you're the one who brought chuck to the mission to begin with when you were captain of mission station. it begins with the community policing. if there is a bogus $20, $100 bill, the merchants know about it. they tell chuck. chuck let's everybody else know about it. you don't get that with a lot of
a moment. >>> we begin with the weather tonight. snow is coming down in roanoke, virginia. chuck says up to six inches could fall there in the southwestern part of the state. but here at home, our snowfall chances, well, they're not that good. chuck joins us to break it all down. >> hey there, aaron. indeed, it looks impressive on the radar. heavy snow across much of southwestern virginia. the moisture's trying to reach in our direction as well. the problem is, we've got a lot of dry air in place and it's well above the freezing mark. 42 at national airport. but 35 in fredericksburg, along i-95, where there is snow coming down now. enough to get some of the grass white. but the roads remain just wet, and not snow covered. that is important news. winter weather advisories and storm warnings continue. the snow line is going to try to inch towards the metro area here. but i don't think it will add up to too much. inside the red area is not even reaching the ground. flakes only maybe sticking to the grass, maybe an inch on the grass way down to the south. >> thank you, chuck. >>> in our othe
daily rundown with chuck todd." have a great weekend everybody. bye. >> bye. >>> charities that make more money. the final hundred hours in michigan. can mitt romney's organization out fox rick santorum's moment? today romney makes a last-ditch pitch to fiscal conservatives in detroit. and it's not just at any location. it's at ford field, home of the detroit lions. also this morning a "daily rundown" exclusive. former pennsylvania senator arlen specter speaks out and reacts to being in the middle of the republican presidential primary debate. does he think santorum is telling the truth about their years together? all that plus today's deep time into exactly how a brand new republican candidate could still get into the republican race and rack up hundreds of delegates. good morning from washington. it's friday, february 24th, 2012. it's "the daily rundown." chuck todd. a lot to get to. let's immediately get to my first reads of the morning. ahead of a critical weekend in this crazy republican race mitt romney will make his last best effort today to win over the skeptical, fiscal cons
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what time is it? >> it's "morning joe." stick around here for chuck. >>> 24 hours to go before the michigan and arizona primaries. both mitt romney and rick santorum seem to be trying to snatch a defeat from the jaws of victory while they are unloading on each other, they seem to be digging deeper holes for themselves. this while some party insiders still openly talk of that knight in shining armor as infighting on the right takes its toll, nbc's new battleground map shows good news for the president's re-election coming in the industrial midwest including michigan. what does that tell you about the past few weeks? that's our deep dive today. overnight, another strike against nato forces in afghanistan. reports of attempted poisoning at a u.s. base. the latest hit following six days of violent protests. is there any way to diffuse this anger? it's monday, february 27th, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chucke ed ted t ed ted t ee. the final stretch rather than focusing on the economy, santorum used back to back speeches over the weekend to catch the republican race as bat
$35 million to $70 million for the city of san jose to fight the current budget deficit. mayor chuck reed and city council will meet tomorrow night at city hall to discuss the possibility. the mayor would like the city to poll the residents to see how open in are to the possibility of a tax increase, and if so, they would try to put this on the november ballot. timing of this would not be ideal. you've got to consider that in july the sales tax is already going to increase by an eighth of a cent to help pay for san jose and governor brown trying to push for a half cent increase to help with state's budget deficit. those opposed to the sales tack increase says the city should first cut down on employee expenses. the mayor says that's what he's trying to do with his pension reform measure that goes before voters in june. here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >>> from google to ebay to oracle and cisco, it seems silicon valley's the atm for american politics. tonight the investigative unit following the money to find out who has bucks and who has influence. investigators step
books. storm 4 meet'll roh jift chuck bell joins us now with the details. and kind of a dud around here, chuck. >> no doubt about it. 2003 and had blockbuster president's weekend snowstorms. this one here kind of fizzled out for the washington area. but as you mentioned, central and southwestern virginia definitely had quite a hit of snow. the weather channel's mike seidel is in withville, virginia with some of the impressive totals. >> reporter: hey, chuck and aaron. the snow is winding down here in southwest virginia, but we picked up 8 1/2 inches here in withville. we're about an hour or so down 81 from roanoke. and just a couple miles down the road big problems this afternoon. late this afternoon a tractor-trailer jackknifed, shutting down both northbound lanes for over five hours. some cars detoured, but most of the semis sat tight, and we watched them this evening roll up the highway en masse. meanwhile, some of the other snowfall totals not far from the district out there in the far suburbs in staunton, virginia picking up five inches of snow. charlottesville, four inches. and i
winter weather. a lot of folks in the area saw snow tonight. chuck bell is in storm center 4 with more for us. chuck, the question is, any more snow coming? >> well, yes indeed, aaron. we're going to get at least a little bit more snow overnight, not quite the punch we had earlier this evening but nonl the less a little bit more snow on the way. current temperatures are flirting just below the freezing mark across far southern pennsylvania, 33 now in hagerstown, maryland, 33 in martinsburg, west virginia. once the snow and rain stopped, temperatures went up across montgomery and fairfax counties. here on radar you can see light snow showers north of winchester moving in towards martinsburg, west virginia, right down the 270 corridor. be on the lookout for what might be another inch for a lucky few, but that's about it. a little light snow late tonight, maybe anotherdrier air sunday. >>> hit in the face with a brick. a police officer sent to the hospital after a confrontation with occupy d.c. this happened the same day that police swept that camp in dramatic fashion. this is where darcy
a little crazy, but making this guy the front-runner? >> well, good day, i'm chuck todd in washington and i'm in today for andrea mitchell, time for the daily fix, it's rick santorum, three new polls out, can he put together a national campaign. chris, managing editor for post, it's the first time that santorum has been in the lead character as conservative foil of the on again off again mechanical front-runn front-runner, mitt romney. >> you are right, if you go back and look at polling you'll see everyone to now rick santorum they have rose and fell. perry rose fell and rose and fell again. romney never goes above 30%, i usually dismiss it and we have talked about it. >> it's always a lagging indicator >> and it's notity a national election, the people saying i am for this person. now, we are getting very close, super tuesday, you have ten states voting. it's going to be a national election that means the polling, more important than it was say a month ago. >> watching santorum yesterday, one of those days of a unique day. you see all the reports in this morning and i'm watch
here tomorrow. stick around for "the daily rundown" with chuck. >> thank you, william. one week to go. how tight is michigan? mitt romney's ability to survive. can he do it again versus santorum? he's been burning through cash, and he's had one of his worst fund raising months in the campaign. could romney be forced to sell fund? has he already done it? the politics of the pump. the economy is improving. will soaring gas prices hit the brakes on that good news. the republicans think they have a hot issue. and the white house is worried they may be right. and monday we plunged into george romney's impact on his son. today the other romney race, including a pivotal senate race of mitt's mother lanor. and the last name is not so golden. it's tuesday, february 21st. somehow i almost said 2010. let's get right to my first read of the morning. with the crucial michigan primary one week away, rick santorum is not backing off his hot rhetoric. he's been doubling down the last few days. what he says are the values that drive the president's politics. >> i was criticized by saying the president
million raised by karl rove will stay completely secret. >> bill: senator chuck schumer accusing our guy carl rove of financial shenanigans or something. mr. rove will be here. >> we have a better team. we're going to win the game. i guarantee it i was angry. >> bill: joe name meth on what it takes to win a super bowl and how playing football just about destroyed his both. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. a victory for secular forces in america. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the susan komen foundation is the nation's largest charity combating breast cancer. took in more than $400 million in donations. with that enmornings the charity funds various enterprises that help detect and fight breast cancer. one of those enterprises is planned parenthood which refers women for mammograms. last year the komen foundation gave planned parenthood $680,000. now, that is the source of controversy because, as you know, planned
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to three a.m. >> thank you, chuck. new details about a plot to bomb the u.s. capital. amine el khalisi shad plans to blow up -- we know that he played at a mosque short before his arrest. the mosque is cooperating with the fbi. we'll have a report for you in just about ten minutes. >>> d.c. fire workers pulled a woman's body from the potomac river in georgetown today. she was found about 11:00 this morning near the entrance to the rock creek park way. >>> police are looking for the driver who hit and killed woman in prince george's county this afternoon. it happened on route 5 near surat's road in clinton. police say they did find a piece of the car that hit her, they believe it is a late model. last night the house of delegates approved a same-sex marriage bill, it has the support of governor martin o'malley, but they will collect signatures to force a referendum on these issues and let voters decide. jack johnson set to start his prison time today. do you have what it takes to be a racing president? >>> and tonight at 11:00, it's a new trend that's a big hit on youtube, but it's also >>>
syria. our political director and chief white house correspondent chuck todd is with us with more on that. chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the president walks that fine line between candidate and sitting president. that came through loud and clear in the super bowl sitdown with matt lauer. >> reporter: the president was measured in what he said about syria. >> would you consider military action with our allies without u.n. approval, especially considering china and russia vetoed this latest resolution at the u.n.? >> it is very important for us to resolve this without recourse to outside military intervention. you're seeing more and more people inside of syria recognizing that they need to turn a chapter. >> reporter: mr. obama left all options open when it comes to iran and acknowledged israel might act alone. >> i don't think that israel has made a decision on what they need to do. i think they, like us, believe that iran has to stand down on its nuclear weapons program. >> reporter: election year politics wasn't far from the president's mind. he argued th
air. meteorologist chuck bell in storm center 4 now with the latest. chuck? >> all right, the squalliness from the snow machine is not completely done with us just yet. you can see on storm 4 radar, snow showers continuing to go from north to south across the area. just spoke with my colleague who informs me the snow is starting to stick to the roads now. near his house in montgomery county. so be very, very careful if you're going to be doing late night traveling here. some of the snowflakes are starting to stick to the roads. unlike the earlier squall earlier in the day, now temperatures are well below freezing in the town. wind chills are headed down into the single digits. how long will that last? that answer coming up. >> thank you, chuck. after the break, vdot is trying to figure out how a massive sign gave way and landed on top of a truck. ♪ and and i will always love you ♪ >> plus, our breaking story tonight, more on the passing of whitney houston. the legendary laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no c
. our political director and chief white house correspondent chuck todd with us with tonight. chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. as yogi berra might say, it's deja vu all over again. another month, another new conservative challenger rising to the top of the national polls to challenge mitt romney. this time, it's rick santorum. buoyed by upset wins last week in colorado, minnesota and missouri, rick santorum has done what many conservative candidates have done before him -- caught up to romney. >> polls come and go. >> no fewer than four national poms out today have santorum, who was thumped out of the senate in 2006 by a whopping 18 points, now either slightly ahead or virtually tied with romney. for romney, it's a familiar spot, holding steady with his establishment republican supporting but failing to capture the hearts and minds of rank and file conservatives. but it's not for a lack of trying. >> i was a severely conservative republican governor. i understand that the battles we as conservatives must fight -- >> reporter: starting february 28, the republica
have died down a bit. but tell you what, it is still plenty cold out there. news 4's chuck bell joins us live from storm center 4. >> yes, indeed a wind chilled saturday night. no doubt about it. winds are still in the low to mid 20s out there. bundle up for the late nagt dog walking tonight. temperatures are shutdown in the mid 30s. as has been the case all day long today, that's only half the story. luckily, the winds are dying down a bit. winds are gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour. expect a cold start on your sunday morning. what it will feel like, a 10 to 15 degrees improvement tomorrow. we'll talk about our next chance of rain in the seven day, aaron. all that coming up. >>> a man was killed in a hit and run after his friend let him out of their car. he's identifieds alonzo rodriguez in bethesda. his body was found about 3:30 this morning in rockville. two of his friends told police they dropped him off there an hour earlier. officers hadn't released any information on what kind of car might have hit him. they're hoping witnesses will come forward. >>> an injured bald eagle caused
to the weather. you probably heard that wind out there today. you definitely felt it. meteorologist chuck bell joins us in storm center 4 live now with the latest on that. >> yeah. what a very windy day outside today. winds gusting between 40 and 50 miles per hour. pretty much areawide for all of the daylight hours today. temperatures never really climbed all that high. we're in the upper 30s to around 40 degrees right now. with the wind still a bit of a factor out there, windchills are down into the low and mid 20s across most of the western and northern suburbs to around the freezing mark from washington southbound into southern maryland. had a couple passing snowflakes early this morning. still can't rule out one or two more passing snow showers but not affecting any kind of snow accumulations of any kind. so evening windchills in low 20s and teens and talk of more weather on the seven day. i'll give you that in a few minutes. >> see you in a bit. thank you, chuck. >>> wicked winds caused a building in newark, new jersey, to fall over this morning. unclear if anyone was inside. no injuries
season. our political director chief white house correspondent chuck todd is with us from our washington news room tonight with more on this. chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. as you know super pacs have now become short hand for big money in politics. the decision today by the president's campaign to essentially flip flop and go down the super pac road means more money will flow even faster. >> how can we trust him? think you know mitt? >> reporter: they've been seeing a lot of this in the republican primary and kay cuss states. >> he raised our hopes. he seemed to understand. >> reporter: nonstop negative tv ads from super pacs, big money groups, outside the campaigns, loosely affiliated with the candidates. >> winning our future is responsible for the content of this ad. >> spoon for the content of this ad. >> reporter: super pac spending exploded in 2010 after the supreme court opened the door for unlimited contributions from corporations and individuals to political groups. president obama had been a critic. >> all across america, special interests have poured m
's been bitterly cold outside with that biting wind. the question, how long will it last? chuck bell is in the weather center. >> pictures tell a different story from what we've been seeing. everybody out with the heavy winter coats. they were needed today. they will be needed tonight as well. temperatures are headed below the freezing mark. 30 here in washington. 30 in southern maryland. 27 degrees in fairfax. windchills are in the teens to around 20 degrees. it's cold out there, but no more snow on storm 4 radar. the snow showers in pennsylvania will not be making it our way. your sunday evening planner, it will be cold and windy. but we won't have to deal anymore with the way of snow flak flakes. i will detail more in the forecast coming up. >>> still ahead on the broadcast tonight, an incredible sight in fairfax county. an enormous tree slices through a house pinning a woman in her bed. a sign falls on to a truck. officials reveal how they plan to prevent another accident. ♪ and i will always love you and we continue remembering the ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... ou
joe." we'll see you back here, stick around for chuck. 9:00 tonight, "rock center." >>> we didn't win by a lot, but we won, that's enough. >> mitt romney, a win in the must-win michigan contest and he's breathing a sigh of relief and he's quieted the talk about searching for another candidate. but romney asked for funds for the first time in last night's victory speech, of course, ohio looms large. >> a month ago they didn't know who we are, but they do now! >> but rick santorum, that may have been the problem. he falls short by three percentage points in michigan, the only moral victory he may end up with more delegates there putting a positive spin on the results but will he recalibrate his message in time after a very rough week. >>> and republican senator olympia snowe hands the gop a head caache not only because sh puts the seat in jeopardy but it's what she said, could the obama re-election team written her retirement statement any better. it's wednesday, leap day, february 29th. let's get to the first reads of the morning. mitt romney survived his near death experience quieting
knowledge i've seen on set, chucked to, and steve cornakie. the president just spoke to the uaw union. they are fired up and ready to go, will they get out to the polls this november? it sounded like it. i don't know if that was -- >> and five years from now, when i'm not president anymore i'll buy one and drive it myself. >> i don't know that that was so much class warfare as that was game on. president obama of course, speaks to the uaw conference, chuck, we talked a lot this election about the blue collar vote and the unions have long been suppoer been supporters of democrats, but they have not put as much they have in previous years as of yet, do you think the president can count on the blue collar vote? >> i think it's the change that we have seen, when you look at mitt romney's problems and the structural change of the mid woe west, it looked like a problem for the president, but it does not look that way. but there's still a problem with him connecting on a cultural level with some of the voters, but you know, i think that when it comes to if it's a -- it's a one issue referend
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of bitter, bitter cold and wind. meteorologist chuck bell is in storm center 4. chuck, make it go away. >> i can do that, aaron. it's going to take a little time, but we can certainly take that request under advisement out there. another cold night coming and as you make your plans to get your work and school week started monday morning, get the extra layer of warmth ready to go one more time. outside this evening live pictures of roslyn, virginia in arlington county. a very cold night indeed. temperatures are already back down into the mid 20s now. about 26 degrees there in roslyn. 28 in washington. 21 in manassas. leesburg 27. frederick, maryland also 27 degrees. wind chills have been dropped down into the teens and low 20s. so a very cold start for sure. the one good news is we've gotten rid of all the snowflakes flying across the area. the nearest snowflakes to us are staying across parts of southern pennsylvania. your monday planner, plenty of sunshine coming our way. still a little on the cool side tomorrow, with highs only only up around the 40 degree mark. there's warmer air and anot
," but right now it's time for chuck todd and "the daily rundown." apple, fix it. >>> labor pains, mitt romney hits rick santorum. and a history with unions, might be a weak spot for santorum in a primary, but is it an attack that could hurt romney in the long run? >>> and with just over a week before the michigan primary, gm posts it highest profit ever $7.6 billion in annual profit. how does the company's new success impact mitt romney who says the government's auto bailout was a bad idea? >>> plus, on capitol hill, looks like the deal might finally be done. negotiators had to hammer out a last-minute deal. not just on the payroll tax extension, but also had to deal with something regarding pensions in the federal government. but will rank and file republicans try to block it? that's coming up next. good morning from washington. it's thursday, february 16th, 0 2012, this is "daily rundown." my first reads of the morning. mitt romney is playing up his roots. >> gosh, i got lots of old friends there. there's an old high school -- we lived across the hall from each other. chuck and others from
house correspondent and political correspondent, chuck todd, and chris is with us, managing editor of first of all, let's talk about the strategy of rick santorum to have the robocalls to go out and get democrats. chuck, your take on it? >> well, we know this has been a -- an issue before in michigan primaries. both candidates have played shenanigans for 40 years. so this is sort of par for the course for michigan. but, i do think it's interesting to see, you know, snourm, the romney folks are trying explain away a loss saying we will win republicans. but how did romney the native son get into a position where 10% of the overall vote of democrats could make this type of difference that is still a question that the romney people have to deal with. but romney played this game once as a voter. >> did. and let's talk about the democrats, the strategy of the rick santorum people, chris? >> chuck is right, it's an open primary, nothing illegal about this, they are free to vote as they see fit. there's no democratic race as we know, so why not? you know, don't -- i say it's
chuck todd. i owe him a minute now. >> okay. wrap it up. >> the thing, chuck, where i pay you for every second i'm over. i'll toss to him. way too early. "morning joe." thanks for watching. we apologize to chuck todd, a great guy. go hurricanes. see you tomorrow. something like that. >>> i like that. pay by the second. anyway. i don't want to be treated that way. consistent, courage, resolute, cheerful. those are four words from the four candidates in debate number 20. did rick santorum sell himself as a front-runner? did mitt romney change the minds of skeptical conservatives? reaction this morning from two of santorum's former senate colleagues, one who has been with romney from the start and one who just abandoned romney to back santorum. meanwhile, did anybody do anything in the debate last night? to the folks residing in sweet home chicago? why team obama believes they were last night's real winners. plus it's one of romney's most touted biopoints. you heard it a lot last night. what did he do as he put it to save the 2002 winter olympics? what exactly was the scandal he had to cle
right now "the daily rundown" with our good friend, mr. chuck todd. >>> thanks, willie. do or die week for mitt romney. he is behind in polls, republicans are now openly talking about finding a new candidate. he has a debate and ford field speech to right this ship or, yes, it is that bad now. >>> the obama campaign hits rick santorum over a speech they say questioned the president's faith. he has to defend controversial comments he made about pregnancy in america. welcome to the scrutiny, mr. santorum. >>> and the deep dime, taking one of my favorite phrases and turning it into a new segment, today, how romney is both embrace and running away from his father's legacy. it is george washington's birthday, some places call it presidents' day. it is monday, february 20th n honor of chris matthews' obsession with this, we will stay is washington's birthday. get right to my first read of the morning, mitt romney's do or die week. romney now trailing in national polls and in the latest public policy polling, public polling out of michigan, he has got to reverse the momentum, catch rick santo
a cheerful young woman named susan cox fell for josh. chuck and judy cox are susan's parents. as they spoke to us, they confess they are still in a kind of shock after the disaster that claimed their two young grandsons. and they recalled so clearly their early fears about their daughter's beau. >> i had a very bad feeling every time i saw him. i even asked middle daughter, why are you marrying him? >> reporter: josh's sister jennifer graves told us just this week that as a child she was wary of him, too. when josh was a boy he was troubled in some ways, wasn't he? >> there were some issues, yeah. >> reporter: jennifer says much of the problem stemmed from her father, josh's father. she is estranged from him today. their mother divorced him hadyears ago and in court papers alleged he was abusive. >> i was about 14 when i kind of woke up and realized, my dad is wacko. he's just on a different trajectory and not a good one. >> reporter: she is talking about steven powell. you're going to learn much more about him later. >> what was it about his trajectory that bothered y
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